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The Strongest Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipes in Asia

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The only VCP Jacking Pipe from the East / Asia selected by Top International Infrastructure (Sewerage) Developers.

Strongest VCP Jacking Pipes in Asia.

CIDB, SPAN, SIRIM, ISO9001:2015 and  BS EN 295-7:2013.

Produced from clay and is fired up to vitrification state to last over lifetime (>1,130ºC, below 3% WA VS 6% STD).

Have Comprehensive range of VCP pipes Size and Accessories.

Comprehensive in-house testing facilities and state of the art extruders, firing kilns & equipment from Japan, Germany, UK and Australia.

A company that is 100% Owned by a Family, passing from one generation to another, Fully Committed to Preserve the Skills in the industry

Why JPC-INTAN VCP Jacking Pipes

High Heat and Chemical Resistance
VCP is a kiln-fired ceramic material that is naturally inert and unaffected by age, light or chemical.
Strong Holding Power
Stainless steel sleeve provides strong holding power. High corrosion resistant material increases the pipeline life cycle
High Durability
Special designed to provide excellent, stable, durable and perfect joint. The joint is designed to resistance of shear load and deflection during and after installation


Vitrified Clay Pipes (VCP),Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) & Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipe (GRP)

product data & parameters

Crushing Strength of JPCI Unglazed Jacking Pipe
watertighness performance of jpci unglazed jacking pipe
JPCI Jacking pipe water absorption % record average for year 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022


  • New housing estate developments
  • Remediation work
  • House connections
  • Traversing of water catchment areas
  • Road crossing at traffic lights
  • Underground traversing of roads / motorways / railways / waters
  • Underground traversing of heritage buildings / building complexes
Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image

Family-Owned Business, Founded in


Higher Service Life




  • Minimum intervention from above
  • Environment-friendly: Gentle on plant and animal life
  • Extremely high construction quality and sewage system safety
  • High jacking pipe reserves for sewage operation
  • Construction method least prone to subsidence
  • Least corrosion among all
  • No specific disruption of the technical infrastructure
  • Citizen-friendly: No disruption of life above ground, e.g. shopping precincts or traffic routes; No noise pollution
  • Gentle on groundwater
  • Construction without groundwater lowering
  • Less construction and transport equipment
  • Shorter transport routes
  • Very high work safety

Latest News

Sharing of Trenchless Technology, JPCI‘s Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe and New Star Open Cut Vitrified Clay Pipe – Super Diamond with the engineers and customers in Kota Kinabalu on November 17, 2022.



Johore Pipe Company (JPC) was established in 1935 and has expanded its product range of vitrified clay pipes over the years. It has undertaken significant sewerage projects in Malaysia and Singapore.

In 1983, JPC-INTAN was established to undertake major sewerage projects and produced the largest pipes in the ASEAN region in 2005. JPC-INTAN has launched its latest innovative product, the Jo-Lock Jacking Pipe, which incorporates the latest technologies and is suited for today's demanding construction environment. JPC-INTAN ensures that its products are technically superior in terms of strength, durability, weight to length ratio, and dimensional accuracy, achieved through state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and precise firing control.

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